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Tower Records Building, CA


This event was about more than recreating set pieces - it was about the guest journey through the world of Stranger Things and more specifically the new places introduced is Season 3. Guests began their journey at Star Court Mall - using scenic, graphic, and physical elements we turned this blank canvas into a blast from the past! Guests got to go into Flash Studios - the mall's portrait studio where they got decked out in 80s accessories, & props and posed in front of the splatter paint backdrop for their Polaroid Glamour Shot. As they excited the photo studio, they found themselves at at the Hawkin's Community Pool, where they were greeted by life guards and got a photo floating in the pool in this forced perspective photo op. Time to hit the showers! Guests used a functional gym door leading them into Eleven's bedroom, stranger things have been known to happen 😝. This set was intricately recreated giving guests an exclusive inside look into Eleven's personal items. From there, guests appeared in the Void. A blacked out room, glossy black floors and a single white clawfoot tub made for a eerily-cool photo set up taken straight from the Upside Down! Luckily fans were able to leave the void and found themselves in a Russian Lab where they were able to interact with functional machines, telephones and Russian Scientists. This lab led to a mysterious hallway full of scurrying noises and faux exploded rats that could be seen below the grated path underneath their feet. A maze of mirrors dizzingly led fans literally into the ST3 creative where they got an epic photo of themselves superimposed into the key art from the series. They journey concluded as they passed through a secret door leading back to the place their journey began - the Star Court Mall. Safe to say, "One Summer Can Change Everything."


"We're not in Hawkin's anymore"... but you wouldn't know that from the look of it! We brought the world of Hawkins from the hit series Stranger Things to life by taking over the iconic Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood and building out an immersive, fan experience - complete with giveaways, photo ops, recreated sets from the series, actors and loads of instagrammable moments! From conception down to the set dressing of every little detail - this pop up experience was truly an 80s time warp that took fans on an unforgettable journey.

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