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Dolby Theater. Hollywood, CA


The inspiration behind the individual sections within the party came straight from the film. We wanted to highlight each member of the Justice League appropriately in order to stay true to the superhero’s background, life, and personality within the DC franchise. Each zone had a different vibe, aesthetic, activity and food selections. This encouraged guests to explore and discover countless details throughout the spaces. Although each of the zones were quite different, we maintained cohesiveness to the overall design of the event by selecting and staying within the chosen tonality and textures. All guests got to enjoy a 360 photo booth capturing their best hero's pose for an empower-filled takeaway.


The gang’s all here! Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and the Man of Steel himself, this premiere and post party was packed full. The sleek Batmobile from the film parked at the top of the carpet gained the attention of DC fans and stars from the film. At the party a round center bar featuring glass-case displays of each superhero costume took center stage. Sectioned out throughout the party, vignettes were designed and built specifically for each character based on their unique characteristics. You better believe we felt the need to do this premiere justice!

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