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Walt Disney Concert Hall


Collaboration was key in repurposing and relocating various elements from the red carpet and post party to the fan fest event. Our client at JG2 Collective created a design that we were able to bring to life through various scenic builds and repurpose for the different scenarios. For instance, we built and propped out about ten dioramas, all with lush greenery and dinosaur figures. These vignettes were each roughly 20' x 10' and served dual purposes, as they switched from being red carpet backdrops into bar backdrops during the party and used during the fan fest for added decor and natural photo moments.


In celebration of its 25 year Jurassic franchise, Universal Studios partnered with our client at JG2 Collective to produce the World Premiere and Fan Fest Event for the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom film. The event began with a red carpet World Premiere and post party that was then opened up the following day for fans to enjoy and be a part of Jurassic World. From the massive entrance gate into Jurassic Park to the 30 + dinosaur props used in the film itself, this was a Jurassic fan oasis. The experience included food trucks, silk screening, VR games and scenic elements for those 'instagrammable moments.' Everyone would probably agree - it was a roaring good time!

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