Amazon Prime Video

Westwood, CA


There's no doubt that the main ticket item at this World Premiere and fan event was the live concert performed by the Jonas Brothers - which came as a pleasant surprise to many of the attendees. We designed the stage, lighting and audio to match the touring standards of these ultra-famous pop stars. Working closely with the talent and our clients at Amazon Prime Video, we also recreated a tour bus replica of their first ever tour bus that brought much nostalgia to the three brothers. During their performance, the crowd also got to experience feelings of nostalgia as the band played some of their classic hits before giving an exclusive first look performance of their new music.


Three brothers, one band, and an epic World Premiere. Amazon Prime's Jonas Brothers: Chasing Happiness follows the journey of the three Jonas Brothers from their humble beginnings to their big break and beyond. We had the pleasure of producing the rep carpet and post-party that included various fan activations, such as customized silk screen printing, a wrapped double decker replica of their tour bus and a live performance concert by The Jonas Brothers themselves. The air was filled with bright lights, live music and screaming fans - and we loved every minute of it!