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Paramount Drive In Theaters


This event was more than just a drive in, it was a fan rivalry experience! As guests entered the event, a magnet was placed on their car indicating whose team they were on: Team Godzilla or Team Kong. From there, they split accordingly to an in-car photo op of their fierce warrior's game face backdrop. Once parked- the energy kept pumping as light up frisbees were placed on the hood of their cars to indicate their team's color. Costumed characters in Godzilla and Kong inflatable suits made their way through the crowd, hyping them up and fueling the rivalry prior to the Director's Introduction and film screening. DJs faced off - battling it out one remix at a time as cars filled in and a laser light show lit up the sky! You could feel the excitement and anticipation vibrating from the cars ... the time has come for the legends to collide - who will fall?


It’s the ultimate showdown-Godzilla vs Kong! Who will reign victorious? As we quickly adapt to the drive-in and drive-thru concept of live events, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to keep guests entertained and clients excited and we accomplished just that with this Legendary franchise Godzilla vs. Kong. One will fall - which side will you be on? Team Godzilla or Team Kong?

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