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Skylight Modern, New York


The launch of Facebook Dating packed a punch as the press in attendance thought they were simply sitting through a conversation with celebrities Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams as they discussed their love story, online dating and more. Right before they said thank you, the perimeter drape walls fell to the ground all at once, showcasing the various vignettes and technology that surrounded the room — from a coffee shop with lattes to a floral shop with fresh cut flowers, each vignette left the press asking questions and wanting to learn more! You never know what you’ll find if you just peek behind the curtain.


It’s Facebook official…dating has never been so easy. At the 2019 press launch for Facebook Dating, we highlighted the apps main objective through the use of immersive in-world vignettes. The app helps to establish meaningful relationships through things you have in common, like interests, events and groups. ‘Must love dogs’ isn't just a group on your profile, we brought it to life with a fun park setting, intricate dog lover details and real puppies! Representatives for the app spoke with the press in attendance as a dating specialist helped guests set up their profile. There was a lot to see and learn — who knew all you had to do was add love.

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