Regency Village Location


Soul & swagger ✔️ We rose to the occasion and built a 70's style stage in the center of the red carpet. This was the perfect focal point for a performance by The O'Jays who serenaded premiere attendees with their classic hits.
The women dressed in handmaid uniforms posing above the backdrop added an element of suspense amongst the crowd. Their somber behavior was haunting, yet beautiful - just like the show.
There was no shortage of excitement at this premiere. Droids R2-D2, C-3PM, BB-8, a legion of stormtroopers and red-armored members of the elite Praetorian guard all made their way down the red carpet. After all, the night would not have been complete without the entire cast making an appearance!
The inspiration behind the individual sections within the party came straight from the film. We wanted to highlight each member of the Justice League appropriately in order to stay true to the superhero’s background, life, and personality within the DC franchise. Each zone had a different vibe, aesthetic, activity and food selections. This encouraged guests to explore and discover countless details throughout the spaces. Although each of the zones were quite different, we maintained cohesiveness to the overall design of the event by selecting and staying within the chosen tonality and textures. All guests got to enjoy a 360 photo booth capturing their best hero's pose for an empower-filled takeaway.
"Experience a version of 1969 that could only happen once upon a time in Hollywood.”This premiere was designed to look and feel like you were on set at a studio backlot in the late 60s. We built vignettes that replicated various movie sets of the era. This concept, curated by our creative team, was expertly executed allowing anyone who walked the carpet to feel whisked away into another era.


The real Rudy Ray Moore created his own legend. The remake of Dolemite Is My Name celebrates Rudy's story of perseverance, and our goal for the premiere was to honor his history. Inspired by Rudy's creativity and iconic movie scenes, the red carpet was designed to look and feel like you were strolling the streets of LA in the 70's. We were able to recreate the legendary Hotel Dunbar and world famous Dolphin's of Hollywood to pay tribute to Rudy's life and emergence of his acclaimed Dolemite character, which led to an unforgettable premiere.