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LA Live Event Deck, Downtown, LA


We began as many of our projects begin - with a blank space. Our canvas for designing a functional, innovative and alluring aesthetic. The challenge of balancing functionality and design is one we love to tackle! We weren't just creating a prep kitchen and dinner seating, we were putting on a show. This centralized kitchen space was surrounded by raised platforms in various tiered heights that allowed for unobstructed viewing for each guest regardless of seat or row. Large floating screens above the kitchen gave up-close views of the action below. Each course was showcased, prepared, and served to guests, offering them a gourmet dinner - and a show. It was such a huge success it turned into an annual event.


In 2014, we took over the L.A Live Event Deck to design and produce a foodie's paradise - coined 'The All Star Chef Classic'. Top chefs, such as Ludo Lefebvre, hosted a live dinner experience at the ;'Chef's Stadium.' In addition to the nightly dinner, there were interactive classes for guests to attend all weekend long. This experience brought cooking center stage with a grand, central prep kitchen, and to ensure all guests had optimal viewing, the content was broadcast onto large monitors throughout the space. In addition to the live ticketed dinner experience and interactive classes, adjacent to the cooking showroom was the 'Chef's Tasting Arena' that featured various Chef's booths all serving unique and appetizing dishes and desserts to taste and try. Foodie paradise, no doubt!

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